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 Shamanic Energetic Healing 


Each person is different and so it is each situation- there is no a plan or set tactic to the healing of a Shamans work. When a person arrives for a session I scan and read the energy field of the person and receive information including the healing process recommended to assist the person. It is normal to used more than one healing modality in just one session. It is an honor to be and service in this way.
The Recovery of Your “Inner Self”
This universal technique is very common in the shaman practice. We experience the “Loss of the Soul” after a trauma, shock, pain or loss. Part of our essence leaves the body as a natural defense mechanism to avoid suffering. After this event in our emotional body our physical body suffers a series of side effects including depression, additions, disconnection, illness, grief, loss of memory and detachment to the body.
This Soul Loss can cause physical, emotional abuse, the dead of a pet, loss of job, financial difficulties, separation or divorce, hospitalization, surgery, illness and accidents and in occasion sexual abuse.
The shaman job is to find the part or parts of the Soul and return it to the person body.
Acknowledgment of your Power and Remembering The Soul Purpose 
Shamans believe that each person has a power, also that a spirit guardian has a job to protect and empower us for the moment we are born until the last day of our life.
Each person has a great wisdom and specific gifts, talents, strengths, skills and purpose hidden under layers of fear, discontent and unhappiness. The shaman doesn’t make the selection, instead he facilitates to bring back his/her power, the person will recognize the source of his/her spiritual and life path.
The shaman travels with the person soul to receive the information on the life purpose and find how the soul wants these to be utilized. The shaman brings this information to the person to reminder who they are, the Light they carry and the connection with The Universe.
The signs of Power Loss are very alike to the Soul Loss and can include: Chronic Illness, misfortune, long- term depression, victimization and suicidal thoughts.
Liberation of unwanted or  impose Energies
In this process, the shaman use his knowledge and energy to remove unwanted or misplaced energy. The origin of this energy can have different sources that include: negative thoughts, anger, jealousy, envy, curses and spiritual possession. The indications can include: localized pain, abrupt anger, depression and suicidal thoughts. in occasions when the Liberation is its most extreme form, will include possession and the shaman’s job is to remove the possessing spirit of the person.
 Ancestral Linage Cut and Cleansing
There is time when ancestral work is necessary for a person to move on his/her path.
Using different tools and rituals the shaman cut, clean or lift family curses, unhealthy contracts, healing or help a decease soul or a group of souls in the family line or assisting the person to complete unfinish business.
Very Important  to note, that the shaman work is one part of this all process. It is urgent to understand and create conciense in the fact that since we are enegy, the other part of the job is you.
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