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Isa Bolivar

 Your Journey Facilitators 

Xiu kiahuitl

Woman of knowledge, initiated in medicines from the earth, traveler of traditions and new ways for 30 years, mother of Sebastian, Sofia and Silvana, Intercultural Midwife, Sahumadora, co-founder of Infinito Centro Ceremonial in Filandia Quindío Colombia, moon mother, Guardian of the moon dance circle "Ustaká Yolotl Metzli", bearer of tobacco medicine, Healer, herbalist, Guardian of kambo, Vedic astrologer, vision seeker, Guardian of temazcal and bearer of obsidian pipe, officiator of ceremonies ancestral, unions and blessings of the way, rituals and women's circles ... to bring people closer to the harmonious and organic way of living fully with their own desires and purposes.


Woman of the earth, woman medicine and walker, biologist and environmental educator, co-creator midwife of the organization Wachay pleasure to give birth, guardian of placentas and placental medicine, traditional doctor and therapist in sexual and reproductive health, guardian of medicine of the temazcal, ceremonial singer, drum leader of the moon dance ustaká yolotl metzli, Vedic astrologer, Sahumadora de Humitos Sagrados Colombia, artist in aerial acrobatics, theater actress, yoga and acroyoga instructor, researcher of corporalities and movement with focus environmental.


Singer and composer of devotional music and mantras, and teacher of kundalini yoga since 2009. Trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher at the 3HO Ashram in Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2009. Specializing in Yoga for Women in the Fundación Mujer de Luz in Chile 2013. Specialized in Conscious Communication, Argentina 2013. Graduated as musical producer and DJ of the school DNA, Colombia 2014.

Specialized in Yoga for Authentic Relations, Colombia 2015. Student of Gurmukhi (meditation on sound) and Gurmat at the Gurdwara school in Novara, Italy since 2009. It is sound therapist, graduated from the Harmonic Sounds school in Spain 2018.

She has recorded to date 4 albums of mantras and meditation "En every heart "2013" So Purkh "2015," Bir Ras: songs of courage and inspiration "2016 and recently" Naam Rattan: the jewel of Naam " in 2017, and the single "Subaquatic Simran" 2019.

Her workshops and lectures in different yoga centers in various cities of Colombia, and of different universities: University National of Colombia, Universidad Industrial de Santander and Santo Tomás University, on yoga techniques and sound technology of the Shabad Gurú (sound yoga) for the healing and lifting of the awareness. 

She is currently a professor of meditation at the National University of Colombia and workshop in different centers. She is a consultant and coach of meditation, accompanying personal and group processes of self-knowledge and authenticity sustains a therapeutic space of Sound Healing (sound therapy), and offers music concerts Meditative in different cities of Colombia and South America.

abilities,   she wants to encourage each one of you to awaken, and listen, to the call of your inner voice and take control of your well-being.


Therapist, a specialist in workshops on topics like human welfare, Master of the school Usui Reiki, apprentice of Mother Earth and The Elementals, connected with ancestral knowledge, organic agriculture, and healthy eating, instructor in meditation, Feng Shui and practitioner of a healthy and happy life.

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