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If you feel drawn to Shamanism Practices, it's because you are being called to Know your true self and HEAL!



Go deep into the Pacha Mama, it is to flow with life, with time, with you, is to connect with the DNA of infinite creations of beauty, is to vibrate with unconditional love, to anchor IN YOUR SPIRITUAL ROOTS, KNOWN AS THE FLAG OF LIGHT and awakening, because the change is coming, your consciousness is open and your soul shows interest in beating deeply in love, clarity and harmony.

When you seek connection with your Being, your mind becomes an instrument of immense value, the heart directs the intuition ... that is why your quest is precise, you are in the here and now, you remain attentive and conscious to the signals of your inner self, the relationship with others becomes bonds where we are all one and one is all.


Thanks to your decision, today the Universe places you where you vibrate with determination, life flows, energy increases and you connect with the divinity.


Welcome to this wonderful Journey Through Terra Retreat, your own existence, where you recognize your blessings and accept that you are solely responsible for changing your world and embracing another part of you...YOUR OWN SHADOW.




A JOURNEY for the Soul ... A Vibratory Re-calibration


1. Strengthen the bonds between your mind, soul and body.

2. Reach internal states of clarity, harmony and serenity.

3. Increase the connection, reduce stress and anxiety.

4. Live an individual experience connecting with silence and nature.

5. Enjoy different spiritual ceremonies.

6. Balance, clean and heal your energy fields.

7. Enjoy wonderful scenery and good company

The Journey of The Soul on Earth

the main idea of ​​this Journey is to immerse yourself in an Alchemical Vessel of Consciousness Expansion...


Virginia , USA

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