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Shamanic Energetic Healing (S E H) 

Learn and heal with ancient Shamanic Wisdom. SEH is customized to each person, therefore, there is no standard plan or set tactic to the healing of a Shamans work. When a person arrives for a session, I scan and read the energy field of the person and intuitively receive information, including what healing process is recommended to best assist that person. Typically, I use multiple healing modalities in one session. It is an honor to be of service in this way.

Recovery of Inner Self

This universal technique is common in shamanic practice. "Loss of the Soul" happens after trauma, shock, pain, or loss. Part of the essence leaves the body as a natural defense mechanism to avoid suffering. Afterwards, our physical body can suffer a series of side effects: depression, addictions, disconnection, illness, grief, loss of memory, and detachment of the body.

Soul Loss can be a result of physical/emotional abuse, the death of a pet, job loss, financial difficulties, divorce, illness/surgery, etc.

The Shaman's job is to find the part or fragments of the Soul, and return it to the body (soul retrieval).


Shamans believe that each person has a Power. Each person is born with a spirit guardian, protecting them, guiding them, and empowering them during their lifetime. Hidden under layers of fear, discontent, unhappiness, etc. each person has great wisdom, specific gifts, talents, skills, and purpose. 

The Shaman doesn't pick the power but instead facilities bringing back and activating the Power for the person to recognize.

The Shaman travels with the person's soul, across time and space, to receive information on the life purpose, and learn how the soul wants these talents utilized.


The Shaman then relays this information to the person, reminding them who they are, the Light they carry inside, and their connection with The Universe.


Signs of Power Loss are similar to Soul Loss and can include:

Chronic Illness, Misfortune, Long-term depression, victimization, suicidal thoughts, etc.  


The Shaman uses his/her expertise to remove unwanted or misplaced energy from someone.The origin of the energy can have different sources: negative thoughts, anger, jealousy, envy, curses and/or spirit entity attachments.


Indications can include: localized pain, abrupt anger, depression, and suicidal thoughts. In rare case of spirit possession, the Shaman's job is to remove the spirit attached to the person.


Ancestral Energy Work is sometimes necessary for healing. Using different tools and rituals, the Shaman can:

-cut, clean, or lift family curses,

-heal family trauma, 

-remove unhealthy contracts,

- help a deceased soul or group of souls in the family line by assisting them to complete unfinished business.

To do Ancestral Healing, the person's work is just as important as the Shaman's. It is crucial to understand that since we are energetic beings in a body, you also have a job to do in your ancestral healing energy work. Never assume that Shaman has done all the work needed to complete the job.

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