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Take the first step in working with me and learn how clearing your energy body not only heals you, but also releases the illnesses and traumas that run in your life and family. Neuroscience is now catching up to what the shamans knew 30,0000 years ago about health. Your health and well-being is a product of your lifestyle, your beliefs, your connection to nature, how you forgive, how you release, etc.

The healing process that results from Shamanic Healing Practices & Ceremonies can manifest in various ways. A client may simply start healing naturally as their body restores itself in balance. They may find themselves feeling calmer or more mentally clear so they can help themselves more effectively. Through clarity, they may find or see opportunities that were previously missed. The manner in which healing manifests itself isn't the focus - what matters is that HEALING can happen once BALANCE is restored to the individual. Work with me and cultivate a healthier and more joyous way of BEING.

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